Rhino Shield: Good Paint – Good Marriage

  1. Rhino Shield is Not Paint

Instead of traditional latex paint, which is over 60 percent water, Rhino Shield eliminates the fillers and adds more of what you need. More pigments add a richer color, more resins provide a stronger, and longer lasting coat and ceramics create a look and level of durability that cannot be matched by normal paints. Instead of using cheaper ingredients and fillers to increase the volume of the production, Rhino Shield provides a top-quality product made with only top-quality ingredients for a truly premium experience.

It Goes on Thicker

Rhino Shield paint goes on 8 times thicker than normal paint, which means you can get the job done in only one coat instead of several. The extra thickness provides a more even coat, which translates into an easier and better-looking project for your home. The added beauty and ease of application puts Rhino Shield a step ahead of other paint manufacturers, and you’ll definitely see the difference on your next home painting project.

  1. Custom Colors

Rhino Shield is available in custom colors, so you can make your own shade that will be specifically designed for you. No more looking around for the best color with other types of paint, because now you can design your own and get that exact color you want personalized for your specific room or wall. Just another premium feature of Rhino Shield premium paint! Once your color has been created, you can always order the same one again to ensure the ability to match or replicate any custom color you wish.

Rhino Shield

  1. It Doesn’t Crack

This heavy-duty coat has the ability to expand and contract with natural wall movement, which sets it further apart from the competition. Where other, cut-rate paints will crack and crumble, Rhino Shield flexes and stays on strong for years to come. Foundational shifts, small earthquakes or tremors, and high-speed winds cause you enough other problems with your house. With Rhino Shield, keeping your paint looking great won’t be one of them.

  1. Warranty

Rhino Shield is backed by a 100% guarantee that will transfer to the next owner of your home if you sell it. This means that if anything happens to your coat of paint, Rhino Shield will repair or replace everything at no charge! With a guarantee like that, there’s simply no competition. Rhino Shield will get the job done fast and easy, while providing rich, custom colors, unmatched durability, and a lifetime guarantee. Who can beat that? Nobody! That’s why Rhino Shield offers such a comprehensive, complete, and long-lasting warranty that no other paint company dares to match.

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