The Importance Of Your Wedding Venue

One of the first concerns when planning a wedding is the wedding venue. For most couples, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Many head to the Internet where it is easy to get lost in the maze of wedding information, especially venues. Here are some ways to narrow down the perfect venue for your wedding.

First, it is important to know what style of wedding you are planning to have – the venue will shape the style, theme, and decor of the whole day. The wedding style and venue go hand-in-hand. There are many resources to help you determine the wedding style you prefer, varying from wedding websites (Wedding Wire, The Knot), magazines and catalogs, blogs, and even Pinterest can help you gain inspiration to decide on a wedding style.

Try not to spend too much time online initially – mainly because it probably won’t take long to determine your preferred style. Popular ideas include classic, vintage, rustic, retro, and contemporary.

outdoor wedding venueNow you can begin to focus your search for venues that will work with the style you have in mind. For example for a classic or vintage wedding you will want to look for old historical venues. Additionally, contemporary venues beg for a blank canvas, which is very different from a rustic wedding that would typically take place at a Vineyard or barn. You could also try a bed and breakfast wedding venue, however. Chestnut Hill – outside wedding venue is a great Charlottesville venue with beautiful decor.

Now that you’ve determined your wedding style, it’s important to narrow down the style of the venue. The style of the venue will be based on personal and individual personalities, including likes and dislikes. The personality of the bride and groom will have a heavy hand in selecting a venue. For instance, an outgoing couple may look for a venue with an instant “wow factor” like a large and elaborate country home. Unlike a conservative couple who would likely consider guest practicalities by looking for a country style setting close to a city.

There are many different options to choose from when you are looking at venues: restaurants, rustic barns, boutique hotels, former palaces, etc. Unfortunately, you tend to get what you pay for and peak season Saturdays may be booked 9 months (or more!) in advance. In order to secure the best venue, it is important to either be flexible with the wedding date or start your venue search at least a year early.

While there are many other considerations that need to be thought out before selecting at your venue, this is a general idea of how to get started. Overall, it is important that you remain flexible and patient through this time consuming a stressful process.